Employment at Takhini Hot Pools

Takhini Hot Pools is always looking for skilled individuals to join our team. We are a seasonal company that hires in March and April for the High Season (May until end of September) as well as in August and September for Low Season (October to end of April).

If you are interested in working at Takhini Pools then please give us your resume and cover letter by email at manager@takhinihotsprings.com or you may drop it off in person at our front desk.

We are always looking for individuals who:

  • Speak English competently (mandatory requirement)
  • Speak French, German, Spanish, a Chinese language, or Japanese
  • Like working in a high paced work environment (High Season)
  • Are able to work independently?
  • Have customer service experience
  • Like meeting new people and talking with people from around the world
  • Are able to swim?
  • Are able to lift 50 pounds (23kg)?
  • Like working in a team?

As company policy, we believe in paying better than a Living Wage (currently calculated at ~$19). This means we currently pay a wage of 20$ per hour. Minimum wage is not high enough in the Yukon ($12.71) for people to live happy, healthy, or comfortably.