Posted by: MANAGER on Mon August 31 at 9:10AM

Starting September 1st, we are open daily from 10am to 10pm!

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Discovery Day

Posted by: MANAGER on Thu August 13 at 10:18AM

On Monday it is Yukon's holiday, Discovery Day. That means that everyone will receive a 20% discount on all entries. See you then!

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Posted by: MANAGER on Fri July 10 at 9:11AM

Please be aware that the entire property will be closed to the public on August 1st and 2nd, 2015. There is a private wedding taking place and as a result, the hot springs, campground, and Cafe Balzam will be closed.

Everything will be open again, as per usual, on August 3rd!

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Posted by: MANAGER on Tue June 30 at 8:41AM

Tomorrow is Canada Day! Come celebrate our nation's holiday with us! Everyone will receive a 20% discount and they will be able to enter their name into a draw for a 12 punch pass card. See you then!

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Posted by: MANAGER on Wed May 6 at 4:37PM

On Sunday it's Mother's Day. All mothers (young or old) enter free if they are accompanied by one of their children. Cafe Balzam will also be doing a really nice brunch! We will be open at 12pm to 10pm!

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Posted by: MANAGER on Sat May 2 at 8:58AM

After a successful renovation week, we are open again!!!

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The Hot Springs Will Be Closed for Renovations

Posted by: MANAGER on Wed April 1 at 6:04PM

This is just a reminder that our annual renovations will take place this year between April 27th and May 1st, 2015. We will be open again on May 2nd, 2015. Our pool will be painted and our building will get some work done so we can ensure everyone has the best possible experience!

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Posted by: MANAGER on Wed March 11 at 2:03PM

Our Annual Hair Freezing Contest has gone viral! It's been featured in most major newspapers around the world and has been mentioned and featured in hundreds of websites. Here is the video of that this year's winners made:

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Posted by: MANAGER on Mon January 26 at 7:28PM

Every February the hot springs hosts a Hair Freezing Contest. It's simple; it runs the whole month of February and all people have to do to participate is enter the hot springs and freeze their hair. Provided we get some cold weather in February, freezing one's hair takes only minutes (as long as it's -30 or colder).

Once they have their frozen hair, participants just have to post their picture to our Facebook wall for judgement. At the end of the month the winner will be picked and they will win $150 cash.

You can post your pictures here:

And one reminder: all photos that are posted to our website may be used for advertising purposes. If you have concerns about this, please contact management at

See you soon!

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Valentine's Day Pool Rental

Posted by: MANAGER on Fri January 9 at 5:50PM

Valentine's Day is just a month away. Currently, we still have a slot available for a pool rental. The rental will be $200; it includes towels, water, bathing suits (if needed). We will be doing some special decorations and lighting for Valentine's Day. If you are interested in a rental please call 456-8000 and ask for Andrew.

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